Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuxie Tuesday: Neighbors

Today I am going to introduce my Neighbor and local TWIN, "Scouty II"/"Mittens"". Nobody really knows what her name is. She lived with a family and then they moved away and left her behind. The lady next door to that inhumane family took "Scouty II" in and named her Mittens. So, she responds to Mittens. But I call her Scouty II. She's my Twin. She's a few years younger than me and is just now starting to fill out in the grand tuxedo burrito shape.
Here she is the gorgeous girl:
And here's me again, for comparison. See, we're like sisters. But her fur is rougher and her eyes are yellower and my tail is more of a "radar" than hers.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Put Your Paws Up (Again)!

We gotta thank you guys for the suggestions. The only one who doesn't thank you is La Reine Simone. She was so grumpy about the increased frequency of wipes and the introduction of washcloths. Her butt smells better (to our relief). She's still lookin' pretty darn scuzzy though.

There must be some miracle out there that we don't know about. Give her a few more days of intense cleaning and maybe she'll let me post her picture again.

The unfortunate victim here was Scout: she had her butt wiped too while Mama was at it. That was a shocker!

Mama needs to learn to keep her paws away from Spot #13.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Put Your Paws Up!

Whose dirty paws are these?

They have been treated with these fine products on a regular basis:

And we recently added Miracle Coat to the routine because those paws were SO unbearably dirty...

Have you guessed who those fine "white" paws belong to??

yep, you guessed it!

Does anykitty have a suggestion on how to keep this girl clean? It might be too dangerous for her heart to go in a REAL bath. Though we all know she needs a good, long SOAK. Mama finally got her to eat again by giving her Meow Mix instead of Science Diet (Scout and I hover in the wings. We're the clean-up crew) , but this didn't solve her "I'm too old for this. You clean me" routine. She's totally given up on all grooming. EEWW! Scout and I won't touch her dirty paws with a ten-foot pole. That means Mama's got to bathe her. She's at her wits end with what to do. Good thing I'm easy.