Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whiska Wednesday

Check out my SPOTTY LIPS. Any of yoos got spotty lips too? (They had to torture me to get this pikture)
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our Horoscopes

Peach (6/4/02):

Gemini: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Gemini is the Sign of the kitten-cat...the exaggeratedly playful feline who is fickle and indecisive to the point of distraction. Blessed with the gift of eternal youth, this cat will fritter away his or her life in a muddled confusion of comings and goings...ditherings and datherings...for this is the born explorer of the cat world. The Gemini Cat is a highly intellectual creature but lacks the ability to make much sense, twittering and squawking at owners most of the time. This feline is a lively and enthusiastic cat, but possesses something of a split personality, which only serves to further complicate an already complex character. It is not often that the feline species will obey a human command, but many Gemini Cats seem to be the exception. Being the most communicative Sign of the Zodiac, these felines appear to actually understand the human language and may even "meow" back as if in answer. Though adverse to being restrained for such basic tasks as baths and nail-clipping, the intelligent nature of the Gemini Cat will allow an owner to prevail...provided the nasty experience is supplemented with loving praise and a favored treat. Physically, the Gemini Cat will always stand out as the cat with two optical illusion which arises from the ceaselessly agile movements and restless gestures. A highly-strung, hyperactive soul, this feline will possess small features and brightly-eager eyes that are constantly on the move. The Gemini Cat is sleek and long-limbed, possessed with probably the most acute eyesight of its species. The actions of this feline will always be erratic. He or she advances in short, quick flits which stop as suddenly as they started. Then, this feline will be off at a tangent from his or her original direction. Problems often surface when this cat is expected to do something that he or she does not want to do...perhaps stay inside at night, for example. Under such circumstances, the Gemini Cat will respond by collapsing in a heap of nervous exhaustion, refusing to move and expecting to be waited on hand-and-paw until the restriction is lifted. Being exceptionally bright creatures, the Gemini Cat will soon learn how to open any cat-flap.

The Gemini Cat views the home as one glorious adventure playground created especially for his or her enjoyment. This feline will cavort endlessly, sliding down banisters and climbing up curtains, but hardly ever sits still long enough for a cuddle. It is hard to believe that just one cat could cover so much ground and create such widespread destruction in a 24-hour span as can the Gemini Cat...but he or she is only doing what comes naturally. In general, the Gemini Cat is a charmer...a true social success capable of winning over even the most fervent cat-hater. The fun-loving nature and bubbly personality of this feline makes for a thoroughly entertaining pet...provided the owner can cope with the chaos which is sure to follow in his or her wake and is prepared to provide plenty of emotional support. The ancient astrologers made Gemini the ruler of sparrows, so any owner should be prepared for this feline to drop the occasional dead offering at his or her feet.

The Gemini Cat really comes into his or her own when living with a Libra owner and the infectious happiness will be quite obvious. Though Libra is nowhere near as flippant as Gemini, these two signs will share a rather lively relationship. The second-best choice for an owner of the Gemini Cat would probably be an Aquarius native, provided water does not comes into play too often. This feline finds it easy to make friends with most animals, including dogs, and simply adores the companionship of other cats.

Scout (1/17/94):

Capricorn: The Cat Burglar

The Capricorn Cat is a serious and shy creature, rarely taking time out for fun. In addition, this feline is probably one of the most selfish Zodiac. A prudent soul from the start, the Capricorn Cat will work calmly and deliberately toward the achievement of his or her life's ambition. This feline will plod through life in a punctillious way, head turned to the skies, falling over his or her own paws. This cat is constantly working out ways to improve his or her lot, and devising schemes to eliminate the owner's shortcomings. The Capricorn Cat harbors a great desire to climb ever-higher up the ladder of social success but will never be the "life and soul of the party" type. Physically, the Capricorn Cat is difficult to recognize by appearance alone. Ugly knees are really the only obvious characteristic attributable to this feline. The fur is usually sleek and lank and the expression slightly despondent. Indeed, this feline is very much an ordinary sort of cat, unlikely to draw any laudible gasps of admiration as he or she waddles across the floor. Possessed of a strong maternal/paternal instinct, the Capricorn Cat will view all the world's inhabitants as his or her "children." This feline often enjoys doing things that are out of the ordinary, such as sleeping in the bathtub on hot days or drinking water directly from the faucet. The Capricorn Cat is frequently frightened by things that do not normally bother other cats...shadows on the wall, the dark or high places, for example. In fact, it is likely that this feline feels most secure when sleeping under the bed or tucked behind shoes in a closet.

The Capricorn Cat prefers city life to country living. This feline is ideally suited for the position of Chief Mouser at the Town Hall, where hours could be whiled away playing with red tape. In the beginning, the Capricorn kitten appears to be fitting-in quickly. He or she will be house-trained almost overnight and may only once make the mistake of jumping onto the kitchen table. Later, however, it will become apparent that this feline has trained the family to live his or her own way...doing what he or she wants to do, when he or she wants to do it. Many stray cats seem to be governed by the Sign of Capricorn and such kittens are often abandoned when they are very young...luckily, they appear to adapt quite well to a life in the wild. Personal interaction is important to the Capricorn Cat. This feline's instinctive understanding of human frailty means that he or she will be more than generous in overlooking an owner's shortcomings...perceiving them as trials that this feline is obliged to bear in order to help him or her along the road to success. Constantly hopeful of improving the personal standard of living, however, there is always a strong chance that this cat will move out of his or her present home in order to assume residence in a more affluent household.

Natives of Virgo tend to be the most responsive to the Capricorn Cat. Virgo subjects are generous enough to accept this feline's teachings, as well as being down-to-earth enough to realize when the Capricorn Cat is rising above his or her station. Natives of Libra and Taurus may also find harmony with the Capricorn Cat, but this feline is liable to drive any Sagittarius native to total distraction.

From Cat Astrology

Mama is a Pisces. Gram is Virgo. But they gets human horoscopes, not cat ones. Duh.

HELP US!! We don't know what sign Simone is! She's so new (well, to us), that we haven't decided when her purrthday should be. What sign do you think she is? Mama thinks maybe a Libra.

Tuxedo Tuesday: BY SCOUT

I've finally taken over Peach's blog for a day. Well, if I can manage to stay awake long enough. You know how it is. Simone (who visits Miss Peach a lot) told me about the MEME over there and I just had to do it fo my first Tuxie Tuesday. So here goes, SCOUT'S INFORMATION PLEASE


1} Favorite season? I live in L.A., it's always summer here.

2} Favorite colors? Black and White (duh!).

3} Favorite room? The one with the TV, my chair, my ottoman, and my Ma.

4} Do you like dogs? Heck, NO!

5} Ever been in an airplane box? No way!!! That's for Peach.

Do you have the get bathed? No way, Jose! Just you try and see what happens! Every now and then they wipe me with kitty wipes to try to help my dandruff and I HATE it. But Ma says I have enough dandruff to bread a pork chop.

7} Are you in love? Does cheese count?

8} Where would you like to travel to? Around the room and back.

9} What do you ignore? Peach. He ticks me off.

10} How many lives have you used up? Only one. When I had my kittens and then came to live in my furever home. Since then, I don't take any risks.

11} Do you have any dark secrets? If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

12} What is your favorite holiday? I don't like holidays. People come over and disrupt my routines.

13} Water or milk? Cheese.

14} Why do you blog?Uh, I just take over Peach's blog to annoy him. Plus, I'm very chatty and it's another way to express myself.

15} Are you into extremes? Do I look like a daredevil to you?

16} Favorite TV shows? The Newshour with Jim Lehrer (I like the music) and a close second, BBC News because it means, it's 5pm and time to sit down with my Ma. Other shows that Ma tells me "Scout it's your favorite show": anything that anybody is watching.

17} Are you a pesty lap cat? Oh, yes. A pesty, heavy lap cat. I resent when Ma works on her Swedish Weaving or handsewing because then there's no place for me. Except I don't like it when people wear shorts and I have to sit on bare legs. Yech.

18} Inside or outside cat? Both. I only walk down two houses to my "laughing spot", lounge on the back steps, and go out front to get the newspaper. I don't do anything dangerous. That's why I don't have to wear a leash like Peach does. I'm supposed to get more exercise because I have developed arthritis in my left leg and I limp if I sleep too long. I think exercise is overrated though, both indoor and outdoor.

19} What makes you happy? Brushing. I love brushing. Also cheese. And sleeping.

20} Your most embarrassing moment? I'm a perfect cat. I don't have embarrassing moments.

Now you know lots about me. And you can see that I should sue Peach for slander and libel if I could get organized. Me and Simone want to form an anti-Peach club, but we can't stay awake long enough to put it together. We're a lot of talk and no action. Maybe some you can help us!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mancat Monday

Today I am so tired from my advenchur yesterday. That's why I wasn't online much. I went outside without my leash and forgot all about weekend blogging! Didya hear that! Sans leash! FREE TO DO WHAT I WANT, ANY OLD TIME, as the Rolling Stones say. Oh, yes. Grammy felt sorry for me. She said there weren't too many dogs out on the lake, the weather wasn't too hot, and besides, she'd be sitting there all day anyways.
Here's the trick you guys: Just get yourself all tangled up in the lead, look real pathetic, and whine. Pick the weakest bean in your family. That's how to get free! I'm telling ya.

Of course, today the door won't open and I can't figure out why. Mama said if I had a frontal lobe I could figure these things out, but I don't got one, so I'm stuck in a never-ending present. That's ok. I like my life.

I'd also like to clarify. Scout's a widebody. I some of you cats thought she was just fluffy. But she's not. She's a fatty fatty. All 13lbs of her. Here's a better picture of her girth. She's on her favorite chair with the new blue towel (it got bleach on it by mistake, so it's hers before the beans even used it more than twice).

I think I must be the only Mancat who tells it like it is. Scouty is "good gentle soul" sez Mama, but she's also big. This means she can beat me up too, when she feels like it. The other day she chased ME down the stairs. Usually I'm the boss, as you know.

Now I gotta go see if I can that door to open...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm so cool! I'm on the innernet!

Look everybuddy! I got featured on Pet Sale Avenue! I'm the coolest! Told ya so!

Ok, maybe later I'll put up a real entry or maybe I'll be nice and let one of the girls do it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fashun Friday

Here is my new summer wardrobe that grandma made for me. In picture one, you have my "ready for the beach" motif and in picture two, my patriotic 4th of July motif. It's still a little too big and has to be taken in (I got a small neck). Also mama woke me up from a nap to take the pictures, she's so mean. She said she didn't feel sorry for me, because I was so mean to Simone this morning when we were getting brushed and she had to take the pictures NOW. I have lots of other costumes like this with various motifs. For instance, Wild Thing/French Fries, St.Patricks/Valentines, Halloween (that's a double for one holiday, pumpkins on one side and tuxedo kitty paws on the other). I also have bowtie for New Years, and Flag Ribbon for 4th of July and other patriotic holidays. I love to dress up. It makes me feel so energized, so jazzed. Like I could conquer the world!


Beach Motif (Sumbuddy forgot to turn off the FLASH!)

4th of July Motif
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I like to live on the edge!

Just press play! My favorite car, with my favorite theme. It's even orange like me!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Simone on Sunday

Simone here: I would like to introduce myself today. There have been some questions from Miss Peachy about my eye, so I thought I'd steal the computer from Peach for a while and tell you all about me. First of all, I'd like to point out that I told Peach about the Spell Checker. He's not very well read, you see, and couldn't spell if his life depended on it. I love reading. I help mama with her reading all the time.

Fact 1: Peach did not poke my eye out (I know that's what you all were thinking!). I had a very deep corneal ulcer that could not be treated. It ruptured in April. I had to go to the Cornell Animal Hospital at 9pm on a Saturday night. Mama and Jofish were so worried about me. And it was snowing too. Since I was still Mama's foster kitty at the time, she could not tell the doctors which surgery to give me. I had to go back to the SPCA on Sunday morning. Then the SPCA had to debate for 3 days whether I should live or not. Luckily Vet Tech Karen and Dr. Barry stuck up for me and said I had lots of pizazz left in me. So, instead of this being the end of the line, it was a new beginning. Dr. Barry removed my eye--which had been causing me much discomfort for months. And Mama adopted me officially.

Fact 2: I am a very old kitty. I am probably about 15 years old. I came to the Tompkins County SPCA when my owner died (she introduced me to the golden oldies I love so much). My real brother, Gunther, came with me. But, we both got very serious colds. He was so grief stricken that he died. A little while later I made a good friend of another older kitty, but then I got adopted. My new owners found out that I had hyperthyroidism and they returned me. By that time my new friend had been adopted and I was alone again. Then in March my mama volunteered to give me a break from the shelter. I had to live with Peach, but that was a small price to pay for a comfy bed and lots of cuddles. I went from a depressed kitty who never bathed to a peppy old girl. Then my eye ruptured and I was once again "unadoptable." Thanks to my mama though who loved me enough to keep me for good.

My favorite things: Beef flavored cat food (but not beef flavored medicine--yech, I hate medicine), cuddling, licking my beans, going outside in the back yard, helping with quilting, eating treats at bedtime, old-timey music and movies. I love Edith Piaf. Has anyone seen the new movie about her? I can't wait for the DVD. I obviously don't go OUT to the movies. I also love to listen to music from the war and watch silent films. Scout loves the movies about the war with the bombs falling, but I love the romantic ones. I like it when beans fall in love.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Caturday

Yesterday I couldn't post cuz mama didn't even let me turn on the computer. She didn't even let me go OUTSIDE. I just had to stay inside all day. Everybody went and got in the car and gramma told Scout to "hold down the fort." Then they didn't come back til late and said it was STILL too hot for a hairy guy like me to go outside. By the time it wasn't too hot they was all sitting on the couch watchin' tv, so no way was I going outside.

It is NOT FAIR. You know who gets to go outside--SIMONE. I don't know how she gets through the door. No matter how much I cry and scratch that door won't open for me. But Simone is always on the other side of it. Mama sez Simone is more reliable. But not yesterday she wasn't. Yesterday Simone went out the back and came in the front ALL WET. You'd think she'd know that when the sprinkler goes on you run! Sheesh. How dumb is that girl? Mama laughed so hard! At first she though I pushed Simone into the water bowl (why do I always get blamed first?) but then she figured out what happened and laughed and laughed. And then gave Simone her pill. What a bad morning for Simone. No pikture tho, I couldn't find the camera. But she was wet and skinny and you all know what that looks like!

Today I get to go outside because gramma is sewing all day and doesn't want me in the way too much. Plus grandpa feels SORRY for me and takes me outside. Mama sez she feels sorry for me, but NOT THAT SORRY. She'll get over it. Maybe I shouldn't bite her feet in the morning when she has a headache. But who can resist feet under the covers?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I LUV Musik as you know so here's the top 13 from my personal Soundtrack (just like in the movies). I'm also up for suggestions. This is only about half the songs on my 2 volume soundrack. Consider it a "Best of Peach: The Soundtrack"

1. Peaches by Presidents of the United States (self explanatory)
2. Wild Thing (ibid--learned that one from Mama!)
3. Put a Lid On It (my mama added that one cuz I meow SO loud sometimes)
4.Putting it Together (hey, art isn't easy)
5.Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake your Booty (my hunting song)
6.Stand by Your Man (cuz I'm the Peach MAN)
7.California Dreamin'
8.Mungojerrie and Rumpelteaser
9. Mess Around
10. Rock n' Roll All Nite (Those last three for singing when I knock things over and go crazy at 3 am, or as Mr. Jofish sez when I go bat****. He uses lots of bad words, but he's English so he can get away with it.)
11.I've Been Everywhere (by my Idol, Mr. Johnny Cash, also, cuz I been everywhere)
12.It's Hard Out there for a Peach. (I modified the real song to suit my needs, for those of you familiar with the version from Hustle and Flow)
13. Splish Splash (for when I hang out in the bathtub after the beans get out or watch when they are in)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuxedo Tuesday--NOT!

Tuxedo Tuesday--I hijak it. Scout wanted to introduce herself today, but I had an ADVENTURE last night way better than anything she has to say. And she has LOTS to say. She talks too much anyway.

I ESCAPED. I, Houdini. Nobody knows how I got out but I did and I'm not gonna tell how (then they'd know). I heard the aliens calling me around 7pm last night. And then I just had to go outside. and I DID!!! At 10pm, I banged on the door and to everybuddy's surprise, I was on the wrong side. No one even noticed I was gone. Who knows why I decided to come back---I guess I was hungry. Scout told me off when I came in. She said I smelled and that the aliens had been messing with me again. I really shouldn't listen to the aliens she sez. No good can come of it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Mancat Monday

For Mancat Monday I wanna introduze my bestest mancat buddy Jimmy Joe. That's me WIDE AWAKE as usual. I don't sleep much. I walk. And walk. And check things out all day long. You never know when a toilet might malfunction and you have to use your special toilet is running meow! Gots to keep on top of these things, ya know. Jimmy he's more of a normal cat. He knows to sleep, purr, beg for treats. I can't do that stuff. I'm awake all the time. I can't purr too good. And I don't beg for treats, I just take! Me and Jimmy are like peas and carrots. We have opposite purrsonalities. He's very laid back. Mama calls him the Great Melon of World Peace. When Jimmy's not sleeping we like to hang out and roughhouse. My favorite "move" is called "I sit on you." I fake him out and then I SIT ON him and win the round even tho he's bigger than me. I leave lots of "Peach Fuzz" and Mama and Auntie Anne get very mad that they have to vacuum up after us.
Best Mancat Buddies Story:
One time we both had to catch a mouse. But we just wanted to eat kibble instead. The humans had to catch the mouse while my Auntie Anne (Jimmy's Mama) hid in the bedroom. She hates mice. I just think they are boring. No catnip inside. Jimmy agreez.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Snoozy Sunday

I'm havin' fun today getting to know you guys on the Catblogosphere. As I red your blogs I added you to my blogroll. It'll get bigger as I get to know you.

Today me n' Simone n' Scout n all the humans went outside for HOURS. I was on my rope. The NO lady just doesn't understand that I need to be FREE!!! Simone n' Scout get to be free. But I'm "not to be trusted". Simone caught a dragonfly and I played with a bumblebee. Then the NO lady wanted to go swimmin' and I had to come in.

Now I'm tryin' not to be tired. I'm not I'm not. But I can't keep my eyes open. It wuz such a busy day. We're gonna have popcorn! Yum! I luv popcorn!

My mama will post a good picktur of my tail as soon as I cooperate. Not one of my better qualities.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Is anyone out there watching the horse race? I am rooting for Imawildandcrazyguy! You know why? Becuz I'm a WILD N CRAZY GUY. I have to watch it on TIVO because my mama and my grandma don't like commercials. They watch everything on Tivo. I like horse racing--they have FURlongs. Get it? Today I went outside on my rope. I'm trying to convince the NO-lady (my mama) that I don't need a lead but she sez I'm unreliable. Granddad was fixin' stuff outside so I had to SUPERVISE. That's one of my other careers, professional supervisor.

UPDATE: Rags to Riches won. My mama sez she is "one tuff broad". Well, a girl hasn't won the race since 1905. Lemme tell you about tuff broads...I sure know 'em. (see yesterday's post about the ol' ladies). She's a WILD N CRAZY GIRL!!

Friday, June 8, 2007


I juz red about Skeezix's blog and said to my mama that I had to have my own. I don no Skeezix, but his blog is cool and he liks fashion, juz lik me! I will post about my liv of fashion later. For today juz introduze myself. I am gorgeous. I am beautiful. I have the best tail of any cat on the planet. I should know. I travel and see things.

I juz got back to L.A. from THE BIG ROAD TRIP. U can see the pikturs at the website of Jofish. The best of all is the trick I pulled getting into the bed springs when Jofish and my mama wanted to chek out of the hotel. They kuldn't find me anyware. He took lots of pikturs of boring things lik the painted desert and the cadillac ranch, but there are some pikturs of ME and Simone.

Simone is the other cat. She is an OLD ladey. She is as old as dirt. Older. Older than even Scout (who is rilly old). She iz one eyed and skinny. Scout is fat. She is a blob. I lik invading her houze. Today she went on the roof. She must be suicidial . I have that effekt on peopl.